Monday, February 8, 2010

About the Accident

Well hello from Santa Maria. Okay, because I've been asked over and over about the injury last week I'll tell you. What happened is we went to lunch and had a nice salad and pizza. Then we went to play some basketball because it was our p-day. While playing basketball I got food poisining. It was awful. Also, our zone leader is allergic to peanuts and apparently there was peanut oil in the salad. So he went to the bathroom to splash his face after playing a little bit of basketball. He turned around to leave the bathroom and he passed out. He hit his head on the sink and ended up in the hospitable getting 5 staples in his head. We are all okay though so nothing to worry. This week has been great. We now have 4 people with baptismal dates. After having a teaching pool of 0. We stayed faithful and went out and did lots of finding and the Lord blessed us this week with 4 investigators with dates. Woot!!!! Met a few crazy people this week. Talked to a guy who said "As Elders you should cast your crowns before the great Jehovha God and his twin rainbows." We said goodbye and walked away. Also, yesterday I talked with a guy who was stoned out of his mind. He said he was being punished by God and then when we said goodbye he gave me a hug. A big bear hug too. And he held me for like 2 minutes. It was rather strange. It's still raining here often. Friday and Saturday we spent the days soaked to the core. Thank heavens for my awesome rain jacket!!!! I love you all.

Elder Tingey


  1. My name is Vickie Christofferson DeGraffenried. I am looking for Thomas Tingey who was a missionary out of Minot North Dakota. He spent a lot of time with my parents in Rock Springs WY, Glen and Thora Bessire.

    If you know of him I would sure like to say hello. I have been going through my mothers genelogy and came across his name.


  2. Sorry, this isn't the Thomas you are looking for. -- Tonya, his mother