Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baptism on Dec. 7, 2009

Andrew Sanchez (10 years old)

His father Juann (member for 6 months) <----- He did the baptising.

Old News, But Still Good News

Dec. 7, 2009 (these were during surgery recovery time, sorry they are so late!)


I Hope you are having a happy December. I know I am. We had a baptism on December 5th. We have another one on the 26th. Another one on the 30th. And possibly a second one on the 26th. So needless to say, the work is going great. I've had an awesome week. Yesterday though was my favorite day. The whole day, every step felt inspired. Saturday night I had a dream that one of our members wasn't going to pick up an investigator. His phone has been shut off. So, we headed over there early in the morning. Sure enough we found out that he was in intense pain and was possibly going to the hospitable. So we gave him a blessing and called the investigator. He still came to church on his own means. Sweet!!!!! Then we went to talk to a potential investigator and we met a guy who loved geneology. So, we gave him info. The whole day went like that. It was just an awesome day. Well, I got to go. Hope all is well. I love you.

Love, Elder Tingey

Raining and Raining

Dec. 14, 2009 (sorry to post late)

Hello, Hello from raining Santa Maria. It's been a wonderful week. We have had tons of rain though. And I mean tons!!!! The last 4 days have rained all day long. Today hasn't been raining. The week has been a good one. We have spent a lot of the week just finding. We did a lot of street contacting and a lot of door knocking. We did get some success and have some new investigators. Not only that, but an investigator we have been working with for almost 2 months wants to be baptized!!!!!! Woot!!!!

So funny story. I'm in Santa Maria 1st ward, but due to strange circumstances I've been on exchanges with 3rd ward missionaries quite a bit. The other day we went to a stake nativity concert and there was 3rd ward members there. They asked me if I was on exchanges, because they hadn't seen me in a while. I know enough of 3rd ward members, so they thought I was a 3rd ward missionary. I though it was funny. Had a great zone conference Thursday. It was our Christmas party. Our mission president dressed up as Santa and we did a white elephant exchange. It was pretty cool. Each zone also did a skit. Our skit was the 12 days of christmas door approach style. It was awesome. Well, hope all is well at home. I love you!!!!

Love,Elder Tingey

Busy but Happy

Dec. 28, 2009

Well it's been a crazy week here in Santa Maria. We got another addition to our companionship and we are now 3 strong. Also, we have been given a second ward. So we have tons of work to do. The unfourtunate part is we are out of miles so we spend most of the time on bikes. We bike roughly 30+ miles a day, and we are teaching almost 4 - 6 lessons a day. The two wards are turning out to be very productive but at the same time very stressful trying to juggle the two. We will make it work though. I'm excited about the challenge and know the harvest will be well worth the effort. Hope all is well at home.

Love, Elder Tingey