Sunday, January 10, 2010

Old News, But Still Good News

Dec. 7, 2009 (these were during surgery recovery time, sorry they are so late!)


I Hope you are having a happy December. I know I am. We had a baptism on December 5th. We have another one on the 26th. Another one on the 30th. And possibly a second one on the 26th. So needless to say, the work is going great. I've had an awesome week. Yesterday though was my favorite day. The whole day, every step felt inspired. Saturday night I had a dream that one of our members wasn't going to pick up an investigator. His phone has been shut off. So, we headed over there early in the morning. Sure enough we found out that he was in intense pain and was possibly going to the hospitable. So we gave him a blessing and called the investigator. He still came to church on his own means. Sweet!!!!! Then we went to talk to a potential investigator and we met a guy who loved geneology. So, we gave him info. The whole day went like that. It was just an awesome day. Well, I got to go. Hope all is well. I love you.

Love, Elder Tingey

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