Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello -- April 12, 2010


What a week it has been. It has been truly crazy. So to start the week I've gotten a new companion. His name is Elder Leakehe. He is Tongon and from Salt lake. He is an awesome guy and we have really bonded together over the last couple days. This week has been crazy busy and filled with service. The church is building a pavillion outside of the church building. The missionaries were asked to help. So we spent 2 days putting a roof on a pavillion (only 3 hours a day). It's turned out pretty nice. It was funny working there because all working had different degrees of knowledge. The first day we worked there there were to many chiefs and not enough indians. The second day we worked there it was just us. So I got to be a chief. Woot!!!! So, due to a silly census my host family, The Stewarts, were able to get my birthday. They politely put it on the dinner calender that it was my birthday. Now the whole ward knows. So I've had a few birthday cakes and cards and I know I haven't seen the last of them. Other news. I somehow became the choir director. One day a few weeks ago I got pulled into directing a song, because the lady trying to conduct couldn't. She saw me conducting to myself so asked if I would do it. I did the one song and conducted it during sacrament meeting. This week we are starting new songs and they gave them all to me. So after church every sunday I walk into a class of beeming adults waiting to be led. I find it funny. We have had some crazy wheather this week. One day it's 90 degrees the next it is about 60 degrees and raining. I can never figure out if I should take my jacket with me or not. Oh well. Overall it has been a wonderful week. I love my new companion and he has taught me a lot. He has only been out 3 months, but I've learned quite a bit from him. Hope all is well back home.

I love you!!!

Elder Tingey

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