Sunday, April 18, 2010

Missed posts -- Feb. 15

So it's been an absolutely crazy week!!! We have 4 people with baptismal dates and we have to fight to keep them. They are meeting so much resistance. Everything from their husbands having heartattacks to their mothers getting cold feet at the last minute. It's been crazy. We've done a lot of finding this week due to a smaller teaching pool. The Lord blesses us in our finding activities though. Saturday we had no scheduled appointments and decided to walk all day. After 6 hours of walking and no success we walked by an apartment. A lady came flying out onto her balcony and asked if we would come teach her latter in the week!! Crazy. Our first appointment with her is tommorrow. It's been a fun week though as well. One of the elders in our appartment goes home next week and I might get transferred! We'll have to wait and see though. So we've had a blast and have had some intense lessons. I've learned though that if you rely on the spirit then you don't have to worry about those intense lesson. No matter what we always get the guidance we need. Well, hope all is going well at home. I love you.

Elder Tingey

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