Saturday, October 10, 2009

Greetings from the MTC

Thurs, Oct. 8, 2009

Hello from the MTC. So this email will be kinda brief. We only get 30 minutes to use the computer on our P-day which is today. So a brief overview on the last couple days. I'm having an amazing time in the MTC. I love it here and have already had some awesome experiences. We have at the MTC something called the RC which is the place that you get connected to when you call the number on pass along cards. We also call and confirm delivery when people order a free gift. Well during my time at the RC I answered calls, made calls, and even had an online chat with a lady. Three of the calls I made I was able to confirm a bible delivery and then bore my testimony. Afterwards I told them about the book of Mormon and asked if they would be interested in having representitives from our church come over with the book of Mormon and a message of happeniess. They agreed!!!!! Then on the online chat the lady wanted to know who Moses Great Great Grandfather was. Between Elder Reese (a member of my district) and myself we were able to find Moses' father and then his whole linage up to Adam. It was super awesome! She wanted some more info but I had to transfer the conversation to another elder because I was headed for dinner.

Another awesome story is with my companion. His name is Elder Jackson and he is a great guy. He was having issues getting the 1st discussion down, and I was getting frustrated trying to teach him. So I said a prayer sunday for some help. I got my answer before falling to sleep and it was to pray with him before we tried practicing teaching. S o Monday morning during Companion Study I did just that. We knelt down and prayed together. It was amazing. He started teaching and I saw him transform from a stumbling unsure elder, to a representitive of Christ. It was amazing I cried than and even know as i am retelling it i can feel the same awesome spirit i felt at the time. The MTC is amazing. I've learned more here in a week than I ever thought possible. I love this gospel and learning about it has created a thirst for knowledge. I get the wonderful opportunity to be taught by the spirit. And I take advantage of that gift every moment I can. Some other real quick things. I'm the zone leader of 3 districts. One district left tuesday at 4 in the morning. Wednesday we got a new district. So last night I got to show them the ropes and teach them the rules. Plus, I got to make them feel loved. I've taken a goal to make every member of my zone feel loved. So the other night I had a 5 - 10 minute chat with every member of my district. Which I plan to do with the other districts. Well my laundry is finally finished so I've got to go. I'll email again next Thursday. Remember that the Book is blue and the church is true!!

Love you all at home, Elder Tingey

P.s I got my leave schedule. I leave october 20, 2009 on flight #4797 from salt lake city at 11:20 am on delta airlines. I will be flying to Santa Barbara CA. Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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