Monday, June 7, 2010

April 5th post -- sorry it's late

Hello from rainy California. What a week I have had!!! We have had a wonderful week of work. Seeing as it was the last week of transfers we were striving to finish strong. We for the most part accomplished that goal. Conference took 10 hours out of our work week, but it was well worth it. Conference was awesome!!!!! I hope you had a chance to watch it. I thought it was interesting to note that a lot of the talks talked about the last days, and the signs of the times. Crazy!!!! So some other fun news. We had an earthquake! Yay!!! I was on my bike and didn't even feel it. It was a 7.1 in Mexico and the shockwaves were felt up here. All that happened were some lights started swinging and the pools sloshed over the sides. Interesting though. We have had some weird weather too. It gets really hot for a few days and than really cold. Crazy! It's hard to keep up. Other exciting news is today was transfer calls. It was a nerve racking morning as we waited for the phone to ring. Finally, around 10:45 we got the call. My companion Elder Bowen is going to Agora hills just east of Simi Valley. I'm staying in Simi Valley, but will be follow up training an elder named Elder Lea Kehe. Don't have any idea how to pronounce his name. I believe he is samoan. It should be a fun transfer with him. Tomorrow I get to go pick him up. Yay!!! This is my 5th transfer and my 5th companion. Crazy!!! Other cool news was that March 30th was my 6th month mark. That is insanse. Time has gone so fast, and it just gets faster and faster. Anyway, I'm off to go save souls in the pouring rain. I love you. Hope all is well.

Elder Tingey

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