Monday, June 7, 2010

May 3, 2010 -- Partly cloudy, partly sunny

Hello, from party cloudy, mostly sunny, California. ;) I've had a wonderful week. I have really focused on making my lessons count instead of counting my lessons. It's made a great difference. The spirit has been much stronger in our lessons. One thing I've noticed this week is how miserable less active members are. I walk in the Lord and spend all my time serving him, and I find myself smiling all day long. Now when I go to less actives though they are grumpy and miserable. Everything gets them down and just our presence makes them feel awkward. We've called a lot of people to repentance this week. We've done it out of love, and it has made a difference.

So, an interesting story. Friday we were walking around and we started talking to a guy named Bob. Nice guy, but hated our church. I told him we were sharing a message about the Book of Mormon and how he could come to know it's true. I asked him if he would read and pray and his response was, "Why would I read a false book?" I asked him why he thought it was false and he told me his pastor told him it was false. I couldn't believe it. He was going to pass up a book from God, because a man with a degree in religion told him to. What a sad world we live in.

Another story. Wednesday we went over to a house for dinner. Single lady with a 17 yr old daughter, and 3 younger sons. We took a young man with us so that we could get into her house. She made sure that the missionaries sat one on either side of her 17 yr old daughter. It was funny. Then the mom would ask us questions about past jobs, our testimonies, etc... Whenever we said something that she liked she would look at her daughter and give her that look. Her daughter apparently has bad dating choices. I'm not sure if we were just suppose to be examples of good dating choices or if we were suppose to eligible dating choices. Overall the whole situations was very funny.

Well I've got to run. I love you!!!!!

Hope all is well at home.

Elder Tingey

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