Monday, June 7, 2010

May 17, 2010 -- Staying put

Hello again. So we just got our transfer calls about 15 minutes ago. Looks like I'm staying put. I've got another 6 weeks here in the Santa Susana 1st ward. I'm happy about it. I was kind of psyched to leave, but there is a lot here I still need to get done. It will be an awesome 6 weeks.

I've had a really odd week this week. We've done tons of service. One of our odd days was Friday. We were asked to help set up a wedding reception. I agreed and we showed up at the building by 10:00 am. There were 15+ people there. I figured it would be cake and we would be done by noon. Well my companion and I were given the job to string plastic from the 20 foot ceiling in the gym to the walls. It was to make a fake ceiling. While we worked on it we noticed that out of the 15+ people there there was maybe 6 working, my comp and I, the bride, the groom, the mother, and a member from our ward. Grrr.... The rest sat at tables and hung out. By the time 3:00 PM rolled around they started to leave. Guess they got tired. By the time we finished all of the draping and hanging it was 5:30 pm and us and the groom were the only ones still there. It was pretty fun though.

Another fun story. Thursday we went to go check on a potential. She wasn't home, but here husband was. He talked to us at the door for a bit and then we went into his house. He was drunk and Hispanic. We started talking to him and he told us he was an alcoholic and that he wanted to change. He than told us that last night his neighbor ticked him off. So he, around 2 am, grabbed his neighbor pinned him to a tree and stuck a machete to his throat. Than yelled at him for 20 minutes. Than let him go. Don't worry about us though. He likes us a lot and my companion is a Tongan warrior. We could take him done if we had to. I don't think we'll ever have to.

It's time for me to take off, but I love you tons.

Elder Tingey

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