Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010 -- Saving souls

Hello! It has been a fantastic week! I'll just give you the details.

Monday it was Memorial day. The reason I didn't email that day. We went and did service at the church. They had a big thing for the vets there. It was pretty cool and I enjoyed running around keeping myself busy. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of cool people. They had some really wierd performers though. It was odd, kinda cool, but odd.

Tuesday we had more service. We taught Donna and her 17 year old daughter in the morning. While teaching I noticed all the leaves in her back yard. So we showed up that afternoon with rakes and shovels and cleaned up 5 years worth of piled leaves. The yard looked great. They are going to have a birthday party Saturday so we were just in time. I also fixed their screen door. Donna is a single mom and we take good care of her.

Wednesday we had even more service. Some other elders needed help doing yard work for their investigators. It ended up being a waste of time. It was a 2 man job and there was 10 of us there. Oh well.

Thursday was zone conference. It was awesome. I learned so much. It was more interactive than usual and I loved it. I really was able to grasp and apply what we were taught.

Friday I can't even explain how amazing. Friday we went to the LA temple to be there for a recent convert who was getting his endowments. It was so amazing! The feeling I felt standing in the Celestial room waiting for him to come through is hard to describe. I was nervous, but excited. When he finally came in to find us and 6 couples from our ward there waiting for him it was truly amazing. I gave him a big hug and welcomed him home. I learned a lesson on missionary work that day. Standing in that room with those ward members was something else. While we were there there was no division. We weren't just members who happened to go to the same ward. We were family happy to see another sibling had made it. That's the purpose of missionary work. It's not about a baptismal statistic. It's about getting all of our siblings home safely.

Saturday and Sunday were also awesome. Saturday consisted of service and some pretty amazing lessons. Sunday consisted of what's become my favorite 3 hours, church.

Today we had a cool experiance. For our studies we hiked up next to a giant cross on the hill. It was an awesome view and it was very peaceful. I could study and not worry about the world. It was far below. It truly has been an amazing week.

Well, I'm off to go save souls. I love you! Hope all is well!

Elder Tingey

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