Monday, June 7, 2010

May 10, 2010 -- Happy to have talked with you!

It was lovely talking with you! It was a lot of fun! I've had a pretty good week. It had a lot of hard work and service involved with it. So a bunch of stories I didn't get to tell you on the phone:

Monday we were at a members house. I was talking to the husband while my companion was talking to the wife. The husband was working on a computer and I asked a technical question. The wife than yelled across the room, "you speak geek too?!" It was funny. It brought a smile to my face, and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

Wednesday was Cinco de mayo. It was also the day of our district meeting. So for the district meeting we had a sombrero. Whenever someone went up to speak they had to wear the sombrero. It was a pretty fun district meeting. I really love the district I'm in. I'm pretty sure though that a lot of them will be transferred next week. I kinda think I'll be transfered next week as well. :(

Thursday we had 3 dinners. We had a super late lunch at 3:00 pm. Right after lunch we went to an less actives house and he had cooked us some chili burgers. They were huge!!! So we smiled and ate them. Then an hour later we went to dinner with Bro Reelfs. He took us to a all you can eat Japenese/Chinese buffet. I tried a lot of the food. I had crab, 3 different kinds of raw fish, mussells, and a variety of other things I'm not sure what they were. It was crazy!! My stomach has shrunk and now I barely can eat one meal let alone 3.

Friday I got to go work in the YSA ward. That was a lot of fun. It was wierd working with people my same age. The other odd thing was that most of the people we say that day were 19-21 year old, very attractive, single females. Each meeting had another male present. It was a change. Most of the people I work with are 40+, are male, and have done jail/prison time. Sweet!

Saturday was a day filled with service. We started the morning by going to a park and cleaning up. The Stewarts and my companion were in charge of cleaning up dead trees. So we broke dead limbs and had a blast doing it. We actually felled a whole dead tree with nothing but our hands. It was great fun. We did that for about 3 hours. Than right after we went and helped a guy move out of a storage unit into his giant house. That was 2 hours worth of service. Than at 3:00 pm we went out and worked. Longest day ever. I was so exhausted when I got home.

Sunday I called home. Woot!!!

Finally, answer to the question I got asked yesterday on the phone, "what have I learned." I've learned that:
Charity is a gift from God and is the only way you can do missionary work.
You don't have to talk every minute of every day with your comp in order to be friends with him.
Catholic Bibles make the best weapon when your killing giant bugs. ;)
Pray for those you love, and pray to love those you don't already love.
It takes only one simple act to make or break someones day.

Well, hope all is well back home.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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